Monday, September 18, 2006

A not so cleverly titled album

David Gilmour’s 1978 solo album entitled “David Gilmour” is the missing link between Pink Floyd’s 1977 minor master piece “Animals” and their 1979 Magnum Opus “The Wall.” Many of the guitar tones are reminiscent of Animals, which was recorded a year previous but the playing foreshadows things yet to come on “The Wall.” All of the lyrics were written by David Gilmour with the exception of “There’s No Way Out of Here.” For someone who has always doubted his own abilities as a lyricist he does an admirable job here.

“Raise My Rent” is a slow burning instrumental rocker the guitar tone of which would resurface a year later on “The Wall” on one of the few songs not written entirely by Roger Waters, “Young Lust.” “No Way Out” sounds like a note written by David to Roger Waters. The beginning lines are. “There’s no way I’m gonna let go. There’s no way, because it’s my show. I’m hanging on for a little wile. I won’t go down easy. That’s not my style.” These passing lines give us a glimpse of the inner workings of The Floyd camp during this troubled era. During the recording of “Animals” Roger had begun the process of co-opting control of the creative process, rejecting any contributions by keyboardist Richard Wright. Half way through the recording of “The Wall” Mr. Wright would get the sack and only three of the albums twenty six tracks would grant Mr. Gilmour co-writing credits, which he shared with Waters. The next Floyd album “The Final Cut” was written solely by Waters with no lyrical input from anyone, including Gilmour.

For anyone who loves Gilmour’s contributions on “The Wall” which include “Young Lust”, “Comfortably Numb” and “Run Like Hell” or the Post-Waters Pink Floyd albums “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” or “The Division Bell” This album is most certainly worth a couple of listens. The albums remastering has given the album a fresh sound. Bass guitar is clear with good pitch definition. The kick drum is also clear with just the appropriate amount of force behind it. Cymbals and tambourines have good shimmer without sounding bright on annoying.