Monday, November 06, 2006

Radio FREE Chicago!

Tonight I caught one of WFMT’s live from the studio concerts. The performance was from a trio consisting of piano, flute, and violin. This interlude convinced me of two things. One, I haven’t been listening to enough classical music lately. Two, I need to stop being lazy and seek out live performances. One measure of inspired live music is worth more than an hour of Pro-tools perfection. I continue to be amazed by the sound quality that our current FM standard is capable of if the broadcaster cares and the person receiving the signal has a good antenna and tuner. I continue to be in love with the Tandberg 3011A. This reminds me that I should listen to the recording that I made off of WXRT that consists of performances from David Gilmour and Roger Waters solo tours. I listened to it at the time of the broadcast and recorded it because I continue to be obsessed with all things concerning “The Floyd." Perhaps at some point I’ll do a shoot out between the Tandberg 3011A and the Sansui TU-217 that currently resides in my bedroom system.

Speaking of Sansui recently I discovered this site that lovingly covers the company’s golden era. It provides high resolution scans of many of the pieces of sales literature that the company produced for it’s products. Also featured on the site are high quality photos for many components. It also provides schematics for many of the products free of charge, which is quite admirable. Anything that demonstrates passion for excellence in audio reproduction is always heartwarming to see.

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