Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hearing vs. Listening

The average audiophile's HEARING isn't any better than the average person. However, our LISTENING abilities are much more refined. Our brains have become extremely practiced at analyzing the data that interests us. Hearing is a physical action. Listening is a cognitive, analytical action. Like when we were kids and our parents said, "You don't listen." They were right we heard that they were speaking to us but we didn't bother to remember what they said. We just didn't think that it could be important.

Just a quick thought.


TMink said...

Good point, we are amateur listeners! That is a key difference, we will sit and listen to the music. I play a game with my kids where they listen and tell me what instruments are playing, I hope it turns them into a listener too.


audioexplorer said...


Many might feel that it an argument in semantics. But I feel it's an important distinction.