Sunday, November 09, 2008

Interesting links A fan site with pictures, schematics, literature, and dating for most Mark Levinson products. A fan site for Audio Research with specs, dating, and original pricing. So complete and accurate that Audio Research has a link to it on their official site. Frequently updated with the new releases of more obscure high end audio companies. Great photos. High end audio from the perspective of some very passionate individuals in the Far East. They seem to be really into the resonance tuning of their rooms with stuff like Shun Mook and the like. Mostly mid-fi and car audio. They also enjoy laughing at the excesses of high end. Occasionally they have some funny stuff. Steve Guttenberg's blog which an interesting mix of high end and mid fi, and some wacky stuff. Social network for vinyl lovers. Reviews of new releases from current bands. THE source of technical information on analog and quartz lock loop FM tuners. Great info on classic Sansui equipment including pictures, schematics, vintage literature, and much more. Very informative site about classic Marantz gear which includes specs, vintage literature, and some behind the scenes stories. Want to know if and in what issue a component was reviewed? This index is an incredibly useful tool to find out. If only it had links to the reviews contained in the on line archives.

. . . and of course Wes and Stephen's Stereophile blogs are lots of fun too!

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