Monday, January 05, 2009

The Return of the 7" single

The resurgence of vinyl isn't just happening in America. From all appearances it's a global phanomon. The sale of 7" 45 RPM singles in England broke an estimated 1 million units last year, up from an all-time low in 2001 of 180,000 units. What makes that number all the more impressive is that the collection of data used for these estimates don't take small mom-and-pop stores into account. It's still a long way from 1979's peak of 89 million, but it's a start. Rough Trade East's owner Nigel House consisly states, "Obviously, you make more money selling a CD, but there's nothing like seven-inch singles, especially for the music aficionados. They're tactile, they have fantastic sleeves, they sound great, they're concise. Pure pop."

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