Thursday, February 05, 2009

Audio in Unexpected Places

The audiophile pursuit is so isolated from the "real world" that it's always a pleasant surprise when there is a mention of the hobby in the main stream media. Below is a clip from Mystery Science Theater 3000, know as MST3K to fans.

Unfortunately the robots reactions mirror the attitudes of the general public a little too closely. My favorite part is when he is seen applying the green pen tweak to a CD. Mike Nelson is an audio enthusiast having written for Home Theater magazine in the past and having seen selling used gear on Ebay. I wonder if the system that he named in the clip was his dream system or his actual system at the time. Being from Minnesota he really should be have mentioned Magnepan and Audio Research to give some good people who make stellar gear a bit of free publicity.


Clint Keene said...

My favorite line: "You disgust me." I also enjoyed the mention of Goldstar.

Word verification: cedices - a rare urinary disease.

audioexplorer said...

I love the "all knowing head nod" as he listens and the application of the green marker tweak. That's how you really know it's a parody from a hobbyist.