Monday, January 29, 2007

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!

This is a Thorens Reference turntable, which went into production in 1979. The Reference tipped the scales at roughly 180 lbs. It's hard to believe that they were building turntables like this nearly 30 years ago!

Recently I came into a vintage turntable and tonearm that will need some restoration. Not the Thorens Reference pictured above, but something really special none the less. So the search for free resources on the internet has begun. The Analog Dept. and Vnyl Engine both have lots of free owners manuals and other information on turntables and tonearms from years gone by. Most of the restoration work will be done by other because of the delicacy of the tasks and the knowledge necessary. I will try to document the process with photos as it progresses.


clint said...

Let's see a picture of that new turntable.

audioexplorer said...

Soon, soon. I cleaned it up a bit last night. I should have taken a before picture. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 15 years. Right now the motor isn't running, hopefully it just needs cleaned and lubed. The tonearm is in a fairly dilapidated state. Having it restored may prove a long and costly endeavor. Parts availability for the turntable shouldn't be a problem, but finding someone with the expertise might prove difficult. The tonearm is the opposite story. Someone with the expertise is readily available within my circle of connections, but parts may be a problem. I'm hoping for the restoration project to come in under $500, I've set a ceiling of $700.