Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ebb and Flow

Bill Shafer sent along a nice video about the resurgence of the vinyl record. Like the ebb and flow contained in the grooves of our favorite records those black discs have risen and fallen and risen again in popularity over the years. It's out lasted reel to reel tape , 8-track, cassette, DAT, and Minidisc. The way things are going it's starting to look like the record will outlast the CD too. Now wouldn't that be ironic.


Anonymous said...

A nice video and good to see the vinyl sales increasing. I have just dug out my old vinyl and bought a new deck, a Michell Gyro and I'm amazed at the sound. The downside is that some of the records being re-issued are produced from the horribly compressed master recordings they are using to produce downloadable content. So any producers reading this please, please take time to produce a vinyl master without the dynamic compression!

audioexplorer said...

Wow, Michell makes some great 'tables.