Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kid Rock is Right?

Rarely, if ever do I agree with Kid Rock. But he makes his point very succinctly in this youtube video.

Stealing music is wrong. You heard it here first kids!

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bcat said...

I disagree. Downloading is a great way for people to get to know music they wouldn't have otherwise. I for one have bought loads of DVDs and CDs, many of them after downloading for sampling first. I also have several doubles on CD that I had on LP already. Another point is how about music that's been bringing in shitloads of money for the corporations since decades? You can hardly claim they need to earn their investment back. Finally, the companies are not that innocent themselves as they have been badly compressing music (dynamically I mean) since the last ten years, accommodating very handsomely for playback on lo-fi devices- I'm not going to pay for dynamically challenged mixing. And finally, how about that DVD region system? Do they really expect people to buy their movies twice?
Truth is, never before has so much music been sold as in the last ten years. Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of downloading, but there have been tremendous hikes in sales numbers as well. The companies just didn't adapt well to the changing economics of the internet - they feel they can't control it like they used to, so it must be necessarily bad.
Like, do you have any idea how much DVDs I own? I would never ever have bought even near that number of VHS tape. Yes I download a lot of movies too, but that didn't exactly stop me from buying.