Monday, April 21, 2008

Everything that's old is new again.

Tom Petty’s newest recording is a reunion of sorts with his former band Mudcrutch, which later evolved into the Heartbreakers that we all know (and some of us love.) Mudcrutch is three-fifths the same band as The Heartbreakers, both Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench were there then and are there now. Of particular interest to audiophiles the album was recorded with a no overdubs, including vocals and solos. Songs were written quickly and recorded soon after, thus maintaining their freshness and excitement. All of this will most likely add up to a do or die type of album. I can’t wait to hear what happens. From the samples up on it has a definite alt-country flavor. Who knows maybe this will help bring back risk and excitement by competent musicians in Rock. Mark April 29 on you calendars.

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