Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It's no secret that music servers are the future of audio. Most, however are extremely expensive when the parts list is taken into account. Enter the do-it-yourself movement. Many people have an old computer laying around that is no longer in service. Augment this old machine with a bigger hard drive (either internal or external) and there is only one major obstacle, the user interface. Unfortunately many of the solutions on the market assume that there is a video display on hand or that a small display, typically the size of what is common on CD players is adequate for navigating menus from across the room. What's a two channel audiophile to do? Relax Slim Devices is confident that they have the answer. It's called a Squeezebox Duet, and it sells for an easy to swallow $399. The Squeezebox Duet puts the display were it should be, in the user's hand. Check it out.

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