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cover letter and resume

Currently I am in the job market looking for a job in the audio industry. Below is my cover letter and resume with some personal information removed for privacy reasons. For contact information and reference please email me at the address on my resume.

To Whom it may concern-

For nearly a decade I've been selling audio/video products. During this time I've become very good at explaining complex technologies to the everyday person. Working with cutting-edge home theater systems has also helped me to hone my strong problem solving and analytical skills. My communication skills are also first rate, both verbal and written.

While at Audio Consultants I was responsible for stock levels at my store and communicating my store’s needs to our central location. Determining what products were to be put on display was also an area that fell under my jurisdiction. My input was regularly sought about what products should be stocked for our company and what levels my individual store required. I was also responsible for working with manufacturers and various other repair facilities to get customer repairs completed in a timely fashion. These duties were in addition to my responsibilities as a sales person.

During my time at Allnet (now known as AVAD) distribution I worked selling audio and video gear to custom installers. Many times they asked for my advice to help them find a solution for one of their customer’s needs. I was able to perform this task not only because of my sales abilities, but also because I understood the products that I was selling. Also while at Allnet I was in constant contact with various manufacturers to check on delivery times and back order situations in an effort to serve our customers better. I was also involved in the training of many new employees.

When employed with Ovation Audio/Video my influence with the buying department was used to make sure that my store not only had the proper products on display, but that adequate stocking levels were maintained. Many times the buyers would ask me to help evaluate products from perspective vendors. I also helped to slim down the number of SKU’s from Monster Cable, while not negatively effecting our company’s sales. In fact because of the smaller number of SKU’s we were able to stock the ones that we used on a regular basis much more deeply. In addition many of my co-workers considered me a resource when it came to cutting edge technology. Many times asking for my help with their projects, or asking me to help by answering customer questions that they could not answer.

A major part of my employment at Great Sounds was to assist them in entering the home audio/video market. The company had been successful with respect to car audio for many, many years but many employees lacked some of the technical expertise for home theater. While there I helped to educate the part time employees on the finer points of home theater and video. During my tenure with Great Sounds we also pioneered HD TV in the Muncie market.

While attending College at Ball State University I worked as a tutor for over three years. This work experience sharpened my presentation skills and made me extremely comfortable talking to various sized groups of people. Also while a student I held numerous positions in student government. All of these skills would be a perfect fit for your company.

Currently I am seeking a position in sales or in purchasing, with or without travel. Relocation is also a possibility for the right opportunity. I am always interested in learning new skills, both audio and non-audio related.

The Audio Explorer

The Audio Explorer
E-mail: meglos@gmail.NOSPAMcom (remove no spam of course)


Account Manager Electrograph
July 2008-October 2008
  1. Interacted directly with the buyers of multi-million dollar accounts.
  2. Negotiated special pricing for large quantity orders.
  3. Prepared back order reports with estimated time of arrival based on all available information, including direct contact with manufacturers.
Sales/Design Audio Consultants
January 2005-February 2008
  1. Enabled customers to choose the proper equipment to optimize their systems.
  2. Designed high end audio/video/whole home audio systems to suit individual customers.
  3. Set up and maintained all store displays.
  4. Interfaced with manufacturers to handle warranty issues in a timely fashion.
  5. Monitored and determined stocking levels for my store.
Sales/Technical Support AVAD (formerly Allnet Inc.)
February 2003-January 2005
  1. Answered incoming phone calls and wrote orders in a fast paced environment.
  2. Assisted dealers in system design and offered technical support.
  3. Acted as a liaison between our customers and our vendors.
  4. Performed 46% of the work for a department of three employees.
Sales Consultant Ovation Audio/Video
December 2000-February 2003
  1. Designed home theaters and coordinated their installation.
  2. Helped customers to choose high-end audio gear that best met their needs.
  3. Set up and maintained all high-end equipment demonstration areas in the store.
  4. Helped to pioneer custom home installation program with this company.
  5. Highest profit margin in the store for nearly my entire tenure.
  6. Worked closely with the buyers to determine appropriate product mix and stocking levels.
Financial Representative American General
July 2000-December 2000
  1. Helped customers plan finances to meet all of their obligations.
  2. Wrote loans that benefited the customer and the company.
  3. Ran the office in the Manager's absence.
  4. Ranked first or second in loan production.
  5. Honed strong negotiating skills.
Sales Consultant Great Sounds
May 1999-July 2000
  1. Set up and maintained all home audio displays
  2. Increased other Sales Consultants' knowledge of home audio equipment
  3. Improved conversational skills and ability to qualify customers
  4. Helped increase floor traffic by 50% with innovative HDTV display
Tutor The Learning Center, Ball State
October 1996-May 1999
  1. Subjects-Political Science, History, and Psychology
  2. Took students from D's to A's
  3. Taught critical thinking skills as well as course material
  4. Helped students to improve their general study and note taking skills


How to Sell At Prices Higher Than Your Competitors
Thiel Factory Tour and Training
Martin Logan Leadership in Sound Summit
Monster Cable Evangelist Training
Transparent Audio Labs Emerson
Magnepan Factory training

B.S. Ball State University May 2000 GPA 3.5/4.0 overall
Major: Political Science GPA 3.8
Minors: Psychology and History

Dean's List
History Department Award
Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society in Education
National History Honor Society
Golden Key National Honor Society
Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society in Political Science

References available upon request.

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