Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Finally, they get it right

Unfortunately, when the mass-media covers the vinyl resurgence it usually casts it as some kind sort of kitschy nostalgia item. With an introduction that goes something like, “Remember those 12” black disks that you used to listen to that are collecting dust in your attic or basement? Some people still listen to them. Aren’t they wacky for putting up with hisses and pops?”

The cynical hacks that usually write for The New York Times must all be on vacation because someone over there took the time to interview manufacturers of high end turntables (Sumiko and Walker), discuss the differences between direct drive and belt drive, and the importance of proper cartridge alignment. To top it all off no one is made to look like a kook or a crackpot. Be careful New York Times you might lose the scorn of audiophiles everywhere for your audio coverage.

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