Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fuck off Roger Waters!

In 2002 Roger Waters released a sort of greatest hits collection that spanned his solo career to that point. It contains a couple of songs that are not available on any of his other albums plus some tunes that were previously unavailable in any form. So why am I upset with Mr. Waters? Well, the CD is copy protected so that it cannot be copied or ripped from a computer CD-ROM drive. This makes it hard to get these songs into iTunes. But I did think of a work around. All one has to do is to copy the songs in question on a consumer CD recorder, then burn that copy into iTunes. The trick is to NOT let the consumer recorder copy the entire CD, because then it would also copy the CD TOC (Table of Contents) where the copy protection information resides. Then finalize the copy, thus creating a new TOC which would NOT have the copy protection information.

The reason I am upset is because it's a big inconvenience to a majority of people that have honest intentions. The other MAJOR reason that I'm upset is because many, many high end CD players these days are based on CD-ROM drives. These new copy-protected CD's can wreak havoc on these CD players. The players are based on CD-ROMs because these transports are better built and perform their duties more accurate than a transports meant to be used in a CD player. So a manufacturer has a choice, do they use a CD-ROM and make a better sounding player that won't play certain CDs or do they make a player that will play anything but won't sound as good as it could. To a manufactures that wants to make great sounding products this is a heart breaking choice.

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