Sunday, June 18, 2006

The new bundle of joy

Originally Written: Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Baby's home! Today at work the UPS man delivered a 17 LBS. bouncing pro-ject turntable, I named it the 1.2. I was expecting today to go slowly because I wanted to play with my new toy so badly (keep your minds out of the gutter please). But there was lots to do (including cleaning records on the store's VPI record cleaning machine to listen to at home) so it went by fairly quickly.

So I get home and unpack the 'table and it is only then that I remember that my brother said that he was going to keep the Grado Gold cartridge. No biggie I figured I've got a Grado Gold on my other 'table, that table really sucks. Ain't I spoiled rotten? This presented a few problems. To start with I had only brought home the tools to set up a 'table, not mount a cartridge. Mounting a cartridge is a little like performing minor surgery. But I'm always game for an adventure, so I figured what the fuck go for it. So I unmounted the Grado off of the other 'table without noting which wires went where assuming that it would be marked on the cartridge itself. Bad assumption, STRIKE ONE, well no big deal I'll just find the original instructions. Couldn't find them, STRIKE TWO. Well, I'll just log onto Grado's web page and download them, Strike Three. Wait a minute, the catcher dropped the ball and I'm running to first. After much searching I found a close up picture on the internet that showed the proper wiring scheme. SAFE! Back in business baby!

Thus far I've listened to three records and I'm on the fourth:
  1. Pink Floyd-"The Piper At The Gates of Dawn" Mono, as it should be.
  2. Steve Miller-"Fly Like An Eagle" This guy fucking rocks! My new co-worker gave me this record because he had an extra copy. He also was generous enough to give me a copy of Beach Boys-"Endless Summer."
  3. Led Zeppelin-"IV" 'nough said. This record and "In Through Out Door" were given to me by my good friend Clint who found them at a garage sale. The copy of "In Through Out Door" is in better shape, it even has the original brown paper bag. That's probably because it wasn't played as much because it's their worst album. But with a band like LZ their worst album is better than most bands best album.
  4. Ray Charles-"Greatest Hits" my parents gave me this one and for once their lack of musical taste pays off, it looks like it was rarely if ever played! It's in great shape.
Right now I'm using a pro-ject phono box to pump up the volume and an Audioquest Sorbothane record mat instead of the stock felt mat to reduce vibration. I'll reserve judgment on sound quality until all the votes are in and counted but, it's promising. There's still tweaking to be done, but when isn't there?

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