Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sex? Drugs? ROCK N' ROLL!!!!

Originally Written: Saturday, June 18, 2005

Now no disrespect intended to my friends of faith but what ever made a bunch of youth group attending, rose colored glasses wearing, mamma's boys think that they could really ROCK. I mean really, are there Jewish, Islamic, or Buddhist rock bands? Nobody is screaming dradle, dradle with a bunch of detuned power chords while wearing a kippa. Do Christian Rock bands break up over religious differences instead of creative differences? Is there Classic Christian Rock? Southern Christian Rock? I'm going to invent my own musical genre, Agnostic Rock. The first half of the album will be completely hedonistic, self aggrandizing , self centered music. The second half of the album will be all God and tulips and love. The band's name, "(K)no(w) God!" When written it looks like the name of a Christian Rock band, when spoken it sounds like a band of Atheists. What does everyone think?

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