Saturday, June 17, 2006


Originally Written: Monday, August 15, 2005 and

Today I found a McIntosh MC7100 amplifier in a pawn shop. I might be able to buy it and resell it to make some extra cash but I'm not sure. I'll be checking the blue book tomorrow at work. The one I found is the later version with balanced inputs, the better speaker binding posts, and the power switch on the front. It originally retailed for $1400 between 1992-1997, 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 150 watts into 4 ohms. They also have a Carver TFM35cb for $350, no interest in that. This is the same pawn shop that I found my Threshold Stasis S550e amplifier in about a year ago.
Tonight I picked up the Mac MC 7100 amp that I posted about earlier. Right now I am running it in to make sure everything is in proper working order. I'll play with it for a couple of days till I get a handle on its sound before posting it to sell. Because of the limited number of outlets for high current devices on my power conditioner I had to kill the sub. It is amazing how good the system sounds without it. Removing it also lets me know how well it was integrated, pretty seamless if I say so myself. It isn't drop dead gorgeous like most Macs. If Tim Allen from "Home Improvement" owned a highend audio system I'd bet it would be McIntosh, it makes most men who see it make this sound. I'm going to try to sell it for about $800. That would be a nice profit, which ironically I plan on using to buy an iPod from the other McIntosh.

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